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Available Dogs 

Love in the Lead offers Started Service Dogs for sale. These pre-trained dogs are hand-picked by Rebecca Golian and her team, and undergo Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our service dog training program. We only pick puppies from local respected breeders that have shown to produce healthy and temperamentally sound dogs. Each of the puppies we pick for our program are extensively evaluated by the Love in the Lead staff prior to purchase. We commonly purchase Labrador Retrievers, Goldendoodles, and Standard Poodles for our program. 


Started Service Dog Options:

7-12 month old started service dog: 

These dogs are raised, socialized and trained by Love in the Lead since 8 weeks of age. They have received all their puppy and adult vaccinations, are up-to-date on flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, and have completed both Phase 1: Basic Obedience and Phase 2: Advanced Obedience of our service dog program. We also include 4 hours of private one-on-one training for new owners to help transition the dog into their new home. Once purchased, these dogs may also stay in the care of Love in the Lead (at no additional charge) until they are old enough to start Phase 3: Task Training at one year of age. 

In Phase 2, the dogs worked around high levels of distraction, and frequently received training sessions off-property. The dogs are used to working in a variety of environments, which helps proof their obedience and focus around more distractions. The dog's have excellent verbal command response, better obedience positioning, and have the ability to hold certain commands for long periods of time. These dogs have also received their AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title. 

What these dogs have received:

  • Over 500 hours of professional training

  • Continued socialization with dogs, people, children, & small animals

  • Distraction training-obedient and focused around high levels of distraction  

  • Public Access Training-exposure to a variety of environments, and have shown calm and obedient behavior in public settings

  • Equipment training-continued exposure to service dog vests and other equipment 

  • Off-leash training: dogs are fully off-leash trained 

  • Target training-introduced to basic targets and free-shaping, which improves the dog's ability to learn service dog tasks

  • AKC CGC Certification Title 

These dogs will be:

  • Fully housebroken and will relieve on command ("go-potty") on leash 

  • Fully crate trained-no barking/whining or potty accidents 

  • Fully trained on and off-leash (remote collar trained)

  • Calm and obedient around distraction

  • Calm and relaxed in the home

  • Friendly and well socialized around other dogs and people/children

  • Quiet and settled when riding in vehicles

  • Calm and confident at the Vet and Groomer 

  • Well behaved and confident in public places 

Cost: $16,000

Available Dogs for Sale:

We currently have several dogs for sale and we have new puppies entering our program throughout the year. If you would like to be added to the waitlist to receive a started service dog, please contact us to fill out an application:

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